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UPEYA is the outcome of intense inner urge to make complete positive impact on the lives of students, patents and educators as UPEYA stands for that which one aims to accomplish.

UPEYA functions as the light at the end of the tunnel for the system, structure, quality, and distribution of education in India today which definitely personifies ray of hope that boosts confidence and courage to go head.

UPEYA intends to work as an aggregator in the space of educational philanthropy and CSR, is a cohesive online platform for the more privileged to reach out to the under privileged in more effective manner.

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The relationship between the donor and the recipient is always nothing but a bunch of doubts as a result of lack of transparency in most of the infrastructure. This led us to carry research for some years and the outcome is quite astonishing that ‘people in great number would come out willingly to donate their time, resources and money provided they are assured of transparency across all lines of transactions’.

UPEYA is meant to put in endless efforts to empower educational institutes by helping students, educators and parents through intervention at apt time in various forms like resources, time, efforts and we assure not to let anyone down even if it comes to monetary aspect. Smart artificial intelligence base makes UPEYA a unique platform where donors can directly reach out to those who are in need of some kind of assistance.

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A noble cause never ends fruitless. There are a great number of people across the nation and glob, very much eager to be a part of change by offering at the best of their individual abilities. When it comes to empowering the future generation with the help of streamlined, easily accessible quality education, there may be people in greater number who would not mind going out of their way for helping to raise the standard of education in India.

What makes people reluctant may have many reasons but two of the conspicuous are (1) no idea about the where to begin with and the way to reach out to the people in genuine need of assistance, (2) If the inner urge is quite strong, they would adopt any of the popular ways like an NGO, a group of social workers or an online platform. None of these provide facility of having little notion of ‘where the money is used’ and in majority of the cases the donor never gets to know whether the donation really makes any positive impact on the lives of recipients.

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